Rainbow Records Corp.


World Famous For Tap, Ballet, Rhumba, Fox-Trot, Mambo Tango Dance Records

During the 1940’s Eddie Heller worked as the main sales manager for s-l1600 (10)Cosmopolitan Records, Inc. (Aka Cosmo) A tenacious salesman who often sold to his brother (Bobbie Heller), who ran a record store in Wilmington Del NY, the Maeson Record Shop.  Bobbie Heller would make customers buy at least one copy of a Cosmo Record release no matter what other record they bought.

Heller severed ties with Como in 1947.  In 1949 Eddie Heller. founded the US label from New York City (Manhattan), Rainbow Records Corp. with his brother Bob as the Sales Manager. Rainbow recorded many now-famous Latin and doo-wop groups.  Located at  767 Tenth Avenue in New York City, a label so small it shared space with a Hell’s Kitchen storefront known as Sonny’s Deli – yet it went on to near legendary status. Rainbow Records was active from 1949 – 1956. Eddie Heller went on to be a successful at RCA Victor and MGM through the 1960’s.

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